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Ceramics being Vera Lightstone's specialty, she has experimented extensively with the combination of Precious Metal clay (PMC) and fired clay. She presented seminars on the subject and has tested clay and glazes that are compatible with silver clay. Using a combination of techniques, a lifetime of experience and an innovative approach in combining art and function, Vera has created a series of unique ceramic vessels and sculpture that can be displayed proudly with or without flowers or other natural accents.

Here is a Sampling of Vera's Ceramic Vessels
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The V-Form Expression & Art Figure-Eight Artful Indulgence Ceramic Bottles & Vessels Sea Lettuce in Waves of Ceramic...
V-Form Figure Eight Bottles Sea Lettuce
Remembrence... Ceramic Vessel with Daisies... Square Plate Expression and Sculpture...
Remembrance "T" with Daisies Square Plate

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